A Rexel Taylor Electric Farewell Performance

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest performed almost one year later for a farewell show for the Rexel Taylor Electric Supply Company! After such a successful performance last winter with Ragnarok, HDDT/NW was honored to close the space down before renovations began on this graffiti covered cultural Mecca in late December 2014.

Eventually over time a new language was inscripted withing the burnt interior of what was left of the Taylor Electric Supply Building. Theatrically danced vignettes now appear out from under the remnants of the orginial architecture. Dug up from the soil, reflected in the water, revealed in the intact window frames. What has survived is only a small protion of all that once existed.

This performance was designed with a cenematic score, choreography by Heidi Duckler, movement by dancers Teresa Barcelo, Joshua Bigsnubb Dudley, Conrad Kaczor, William Jay, Akela Jaffi Auer, Jamuna Chiarini, Grace Eucker and lighting by fire by Bill Boese, costumes by Elodie Massa.