Rush Hour is an interdisciplinary dance project, in which an assemblage of cars and trucks provides the setting for a collection of narratives about human relationships and identities. Each story is told in, on or around a mode of transportation.

Curated by Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest, this performance will operate like a carnival. There are five unique “rides” (dance works) that will be ongoing from 7pm-9pm, plenty of time to see them all and see your favorite a second time! Performances choreographed by Heidi Duckler, Carla Mann, Conrad Kaczor, Kiel Moton and Catherine Egan will revolve around different stationary vehicles, including vintage horse trailers, motorcycles, cars and bicycles. This performance will take place in the Marine Artists Studios Northwest parking lot; inviting the audience to take a ten-minute ride on one or all of the offerings.